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Empower Yourself: One-Day Self-Defense Workshop

Learn Essential Techniques to Protect Yourself and Build Confidence

In this workshop we will cover

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Presented by Master Cheyne Macintosh of SKEA-Edenvale

Welcome to our Self-Defense Workshop at Songshan Kung-Fu Executive Academy - Edenvale. I am Master Cheyne, and I'll be your guide and instructor throughout this empowering journey. With a passion for martial arts and a commitment to personal safety, I bring years of experience in Kung-Fu and self-defense training to this workshop.

About Me:

I have been practicing martial arts for over 23 years, specializing in Kung-Fu and Tai Chi techniques. My journey in martial arts began with a desire to not only strengthen myself physically but also to gain the skills necessary for self-protection and confidence.

  • Master rank at SKEA system.

  • Instructor to teams competing at World Championships and European Championships. 

  • Higher Education in Martial Arts Science Diploma (ICMAI)

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