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The Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academy is a renowned institution, founded by Si-Jo Dr John Souglides PhD, and established in 1990. Our academy is recognized nationally and internationally, with Si-Jo Dr John Souglides PhD being certified and qualified by three prestigious international universities to teach higher martial arts education and metaphysics - a first for South Africa.

At the Songshan Kung-Fu Executive Academy, we believe in promoting a disciplined environment that fosters unity and camaraderie among students. We believe that creating a culture of fear limits the ability of students to learn and grow, not only on a physical level but also on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Our academy offers Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and self-defense classes, catering to both adults and kids in group classes or private one-on-one lessons. Our system has been designed to preserve and cultivate the true foundation of martial arts, which is wisdom, philosophy, spirituality, honor, respect, balance, and discipline. We focus not only on the physical arts but also on the internal aspects that go beyond physical limits into the mind and soul.

Master Cheyne, as the Head Instructor of the Edenvale branch, is a committed and dedicated student of Si-Jo, continuously training and exceeding his own boundaries to provide high-quality instruction to students.


The principles that we stand on at the Songshan Kung-Fu Executive Academy are values, morals, ethics, and integrity. These principles are the foundation of our academy and the teachings we impart to our students, creating a ripple effect that transcends beyond our academy and into the lives of our students.

Ocean with crashing waves

Si-Jo Dr. John Souglides PhD

The Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academies are under the leadership of Si-Jo Dr. John Souglides PhD., who is the founder and Head Instructor. Si-Jo is a renowned figure both nationally and internationally, known for his exceptional skills and teachings in the fields of martial arts, mentoring, coaching, and spiritual development.

Master  Dr. Cheyne Macintosh (MTech Hom)

For more than 20 years, Master Cheyne has been a dedicated member of the Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academy as both a student and instructor. He has shared his knowledge and expertise locally and internationally, leading his teams to victory in international competitions. Master Cheyne is passionate about helping his students reach their fullest potential, a philosophy that was instilled in him by Si-Jo Dr. John Souglides PhD.

Master Cheyne Macintosh practicing broadsword
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