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The Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academy is founded by our Si-Jo Dr John Souglides PhD. The system, since its creation in 1990, has gained recognition both Nationally and Internationally. Si-Jo Dr John  Souglides PhD is Internationally certified, qualified and recognized by Three International prestigious Universities to teach Higher Martial Arts Education and Metaphysics. This is a first for South Africa.

The Songshan Kung-Fu Executive Academy promotes a disciplined environment without creating fear in their students. This allows for unity and comradery between the students thus enabling them to show respect not only to each other but to the world outside the walls of the Academy. The Academy believes that fear limits the ability of the students to learn and grow, not only on the physical but mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

Si-Jo has been teaching Master Cheyne and all his students the true essence of wisdom, philosophy, spirituality, honour, respect, integrity, balance and discipline. This is the true foundation of martial arts, that has been preserved and cultivated, creating a ripple effect that is taught within classes and naturally evolves wherever you go. The academy teaches not only the physical arts but they also focus on the internal - beyond the physical limits into the mind and soul. A system is taught that caters to those who wish to uplift and transcend themselves in all aspects of their lives, to develop into products of upstanding citizens as this has become our trademark nationally and internationally. The uniquely gifted Si-Jo Dr John Souglides PhD has designed a Martial Arts system that has proved itself time and time again to be a complete system, allowing individuals to master themselves and their unique life path in whatever they do or wherever they choose to be.


Master Cheyne has been a committed student and a dedicated instructor to the students of the academy. He has shown dedication to teaching students of the highest standard as the Head Instructor of the Edenvale branch. He is continuously training and exceeding his own boundaries, allowing him to offer more to the students that look to him for guidance through the teachings.

The Songshan Kung-Fu Executive Academy is founded on the principles:

  • Values   

  • Morals   

  • Ethics    

  • Integrity

Si-Jo Dr. John Souglides PhD

Si-Jo Dr. John Souglides PhD. is the founder and Head Instructor of the Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academies. Si-Jo is nationally and internationally recognised for his unique teachings and skills, not only in the martial arts but also in mentoring, coaching and spiritual development. 

Master  Dr. Cheyne Macintosh (MTech Hom)

Master Cheyne has been a student and instructor of the Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academy for over 20 years. He has trained students both locally and abroad as well as taken teams to compete internationally with great success. Master Cheyne is driven to help his students to achieve the highest version of himself as was offered to him by Si-Jo Dr. John Souglides PhD. 

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