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"Unlock Your Potential with Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academy - Edenvale!"

Welcome to the Kung Fu page of the Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academy, where we offer a complete system of Kung Fu training. Our academy is founded on the principles of values, morals, ethics, and integrity, and we strive to promote a disciplined environment without creating fear in our students.

At our academy, we provide expert guidance in the ancient art of Kung Fu, which has gained recognition both nationally and internationally since its creation in 1990. Our founder and Head Instructor, Si-Jo Dr. John Souglides PhD, is internationally certified, qualified, and recognized by three prestigious universities to teach higher martial arts education and metaphysics.

Our Kung Fu classes cater to both adults and children, with group classes and private one-on-one lessons available. We also offer classes in Tai Chi and self-defense, as we believe in a well-rounded approach to martial arts training.

Master Cheyne, our dedicated instructor, has been a student and instructor at the academy for over 20 years. He has trained students both locally and abroad, and has taken teams to compete internationally with great success. His passion for helping students achieve the highest version of themselves is inspired by the teachings offered to him by Si-Jo Dr. John Souglides PhD.

Our academy not only focuses on the physical aspects of Kung Fu training, but also on the internal aspects beyond the physical limits, into the mind and soul. We believe in teaching a system that uplifts and transcends individuals in all aspects of their lives, creating upstanding citizens who are a product of the values we teach. Our system promotes wisdom, philosophy, spirituality, honor, respect, integrity, balance, and discipline, creating a ripple effect that is taught within our classes and naturally evolves wherever our students go.

Join us today and become a part of our community of martial artists who strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

Our Kung Fu program is designed to take students on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, starting with beginner-level classes and working up through the levels.


All students, experienced or novice, start at the beginner level, where they will learn foundational techniques, such as:

  • Awareness, balance, focus

  • Breath work

  • Chi : Guk, Kung, Na, Sa

  • External martial arts

  • Ghoti & grappling

  • Hand-to-hand-to-weapon combat

  • Internal martial arts

  • Life skills

  • Mudras

  • Physical, mental & spiritual development

  • Sanshou / Sanda - competition and non

  • Self awareness & development

  • Self defense

  • Self-healing

  • Self-help tools & modalities

  • Tai-Chi - Yang style & sword, Hsing-I

  • Universal Awareness

  • Various traditional styles - southern & northern, barehand & weapons, animal styles.

  • Visualizations & meditation

As students progress through the levels, they will learn more advanced techniques, such as iron body training, advanced chi kung, and weapon forms. Our instructors are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential, both inside and outside of the academy. Join us today and start your journey to self-improvement through the art of Kung Fu.

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